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Fifth Pakistani Covid-19 infected Corona virus died in NYC, United States

Malik Inayatullah Uncle of Journalist Khurram Shahzad

New York, 78-year-old Pakistani Inayatullah, resident of Brighton Beach Brooklyn (NY), died on Friday, he was infected from Corona virus Covid-19.

Deceased lives in a building on Brighton Beach with other room Mates. Along Malik Inayatullah, all room mates are taxi driver, and two weeks ago all the room mates decided that no one go to work and they all set up self-isolate or quarantine in their apartment.

About nine days ago, Malik Inayat, deceased, condition get worse, this was notice by roommates and made an ambulance call and sent him to Coney Island Hospital where he admitted for a day and sent back to home.

His health improved for few days, after returning to home from hospital, but four days ago, according to his roommate, he complained that he had difficulty in breathing.

Roommates again made an ambulance call and sent Malik Inayatullah to Coney Island Hospital again, where he was re-admitted.

According to nephew of deceased and journalist Khurram Shahzad (Washington DC) and his son settled in Maryland, doctors informed him over the phone that he was suffering from a corona virus infection and deceased condition is worsened and his kidneys also stopped working this time.

Struggling for four days for life on ventilator, Malik Inayatullah met his Creator on Friday (Juma)

So far information received, deceased was the fifth Pakistani to locally transmit case of the Corona virus in the NYC, United States.

Pakistani American media members express deep sorrow, grief and condolences over the death of Malik Inayatullah Uncle of Khurram Shahzad and the bereaved family. And pray that Allah bless deceased with the highest place in His mercy.

Community leader and building owner Sarwar Chaudhry, the building in deceased Malik Inayatullah lives, along his Brooklyn-based friends Jamshed Babar, Arshad Chaudhry, Engineer Sadiq and others expressed grief and condolences over the death of Malik Inayatullah and said that late was very kind hearten, decent and friendly human being.

May Allah Almighty grant him a highest status in Paradise

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