10 Thousand Anti-Muslim Incidents in US since 2014: Report

Highest spike in bias incidents occurred in 2017 with 2,599 incidents, says report pinning blame on Trump's Muslim Ban

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has recorded a total of 10,015 “anti-Muslim bias incidents” since 2014.

In the report , the U.S.’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy body said the trend shows a steady increase in the number of the incidents but saw an initial hike after Donald Trump entered election races in 2015.

the report indicates “Not only did the number of bias incidents increase, the violent nature of the incidents also jumped,”

It added “From 2014 through June of 2019, CAIR chapters across the country recorded a total of 1,164 anti-Muslim hate crimes, including physical assault and property damage.”

CAIR chapters reported 2,783 incidents that involved federal government agencies.

The highest spike in bias incidents occurred in 2017 with 2,599.

“This can be attributed to the Muslim Ban Executive Order, which was signed within the first 10 days of the Trump presidency,” it said.

In the first half of this year, CAIR recorded 759 anti-Muslim bias incidents.

The report identifies recorded 506 anti-mosque incidents, including damage, destruction and vandalism to property, and the most frequent type of abuse as harassment, after employment discrimination, bullying, intimidating, among others.


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